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A thin red line: the painted interior in early modern England

La Galerie de l'hostel royal des Gobelins©Trustees of the British Museum

Joint Interdisciplinary Renaissance & Early Modern Seminar (IREMS) with The Eighteenth Century Studies Seminar.

Speaker: Dr Richard Johns (University of York)

Focusing on the physical interface between painted surface and ‘main fabric’, this talk discusses the relationship between decorative painting and architecture in the seventeenth and early eighteenth Centuries. What is the conceptual overlap between interior decoration and building infrastructure and what are the historiographical traditions that have pulled them apart? The paper also touches on tapestry and its relationship with mural painting and it suggests that 1699 was a pivotal moment in the history of elite interior decoration.

The seminar takes place in Room 3.11 of the Michael Sadler Building at the University of Leeds on Tuesday 16 February, starting at 5.15pm.

This event is part of the Interdisciplinary Renaissance & Early Modern Seminar (IREMS) & The Eighteenth Century Studies Seminar combined programme for spring 2016. For more information, please contact Dr Valerie Mainz, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies (Eighteenth-Century Studies Seminar) or Dr Sara Barker, School of History (IREMS).

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Image: La Galerie de l’hostel royal des Gobelins ©Trustees of the British Museum 

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