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Learning through collaborating and participating in the arts

A listening event, with lunch

Are you a member of the public who has attended arts events based on academic research?

Are you an artist who has worked with academic researchers? An academic who has worked with artists? Or an organisation who has worked with artists and academics?

Are you interested in artist/academic collaboration for education and public engagement?

Do you evaluate impact and engagement in the arts?

If so, or if these topics are relevant to you and your work, this invitation is for you.

We are a group of academic researchers interested in how people learn through the arts. We have all worked with artists on different education-related projects. These projects have helped us to think in different ways about how and what people learn through participating in arts events, or through collaborating with artists.

We would like to invite you to join our conversation, with lunch, on Friday 15 December. The venue is Room LG 15 in the Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds. Directions to the venue can be found online here.

We will briefly present our different collaborative arts projects and explain how these have helped us to think differently about learning. We would then like to listen to your experiences, perspectives and questions about:

  • learning through your engagement with the arts (e.g. through performances, exhibitions, concerts you’ve been to)
  • learning through working together as artists and academics
  • learning through working with artists and academics (e.g. if you belong to a third sector, educational or community organisation)
  • evaluating audience/participant learning through engagement with the arts
  • anything else which is important to you!

The aim of the event is to identify common interests and questions which we can jointly explore further through a research network. We will apply for funding for this network through the Arts and Humanities Research Council in 2018.

The event is organised by a group of education researchers from the University of Leeds and University of Manchester: Lou Harvey, Richard Fay and Jessica Bradley.

Please email Lou Harvey to book a place (providing information on any food-related needs).


Tea and coffee

Welcome and presentations

Small-group discussion

Feedback from group discussions

Q&A, closing remarks, evaluation



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