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Chemical Safety and COSHH

A Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) risk assessment should be produced, approved and any identified control measures implemented before a hazardous substance is used.

A register of hazardous substances compiled from the COSHH assessments, is located in the School’s Workshop and Studio areas.

Any persons using a substance that is identified as hazardous should first confirm the requirements for safe use, storage and disposal by consulting the COSHH Assessment register. If there is any doubt contact the School technicians for guidance.

All substances identified as hazardous should be securely stored in the metal safety cabinets provided in the School studios and workshops.

All appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used when handling hazardous substances. All PPE is available from the School’s technicians.

All hazardous waste substances and containers should be returned with due care and attention to the appropriate technicians for disposal.

Any person found disregarding any of these procedures maybe refused permission to use and handle materials that have been identified as hazardous.

Further information on the Management of Hazardous Substances is available from the Health and Safety Services website: http://wsh.leeds.ac.uk/info/205/hazardous_substances/126/management_of_hazardous_substances.


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