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Fire Safety

All staff should complete the Health & Safety Services Fire Safety e-training module.

Personal Responsibilities of All Staff

LEARN – how to prevent fires. What to do in the event of a fire. How to raise the alarm. How to use extinguishers.

CHECK – that staircases, landings, escape routes and exit doors are kept clear of obstructions at all times.

ENSURE – that smoke and fire-stop doors are not wedged open.

PREVENT – fires – pay particular attention to careless smoking.

REPORT – anything you consider to be a fire risk to your supervisor or the School Health & Safety Coordinator.

ASK – if in doubt. Do not wait – ask for advice.

Action to be Taken on Hearing the Fire Alarm

If a Fire is Discovered:

Further information and guidance on Fire Safety is available from the Health and Safety Services website: http://wsh.leeds.ac.uk/info/185/fire_safety/108/fire_safety

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