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Risk Assessment

Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR) requires employers to make suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks presented by work activities to the health and safety of employees and other persons. The aim of this assessment is to identify the measures needed to comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

Health and safety risk assessment is the systematic identification of hazards (something with the potential to cause harm; this can include substances or machines, methods of work and other aspects of work organisation), and the evaluation of the risks (risk is the likelihood that the harm from a particular hazard is realised). The extent of the risk covers the population affected and the consequences for them. Therefore risk reflects the likelihood (the probability that the harm from a particular hazard is realised) and the severity (the worst case injury which is reasonably foreseeable taking into account existing control measures). The analysis of the factors of severity and likelihood is important to enable a balance of risk against the costs of the measures provided/to be provided.

Generic risk assessments (with accompanying Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Assessments where applicable) are carried out every 2 years for all areas and activities in the School by the appropriate staff. These are documented using the relevant risk assessment forms available from the University Health and Safety Services website and formally brought to the School Health and Safety Committee for discussion.

All staff and students who are considering developing a project or research event or activity should in the first instance complete a risk assessment using the appropriate form available from http://wsh.leeds.ac.uk/info/209/forms/132/forms. Completed forms should be returned to the School Health and Safety Coordinator.

Further information and guidance on Risk Assessment is available from the Health and Safety Services website: http://wsh.leeds.ac.uk/info/207/risk_assessment/128/risk_assessment


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