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Health and Safety Training

The University takes a management approach to ensure training contributes towards the development of relevant health and safety competencies, and expects that:

• Staff are allocated adequate time within working hours to undertake relevant health and safety training.

• New employees receive the health and safety information contained in section 3 and annex 1 of the Human Resources induction checklist, and the completion date is recorded on SAP.

• The University Training Matrix available at http://wsh.leeds.ac.uk/info/189/health_and_safety_training/111/health_and_safety_training identifies the key health and safety training requirements of common roles across the University.

• All staff have their role and activity-specific health and safety training requirements identified in the training matrix.

• An assessment determines whether the necessary health and safety competencies, as required by the training matrix, have already been attained.

• Any necessary additional health and safety training is identified, delivered, and health and safety competencies assessed and recorded.

• A record of formal health and safety training is kept on SAP for each staff member.

• A record of informal health and safety training is kept for each staff member.

• All health and safety training records are kept for a minimum of 3 years from leaving employment.

• Anyone organising health and safety training with an external training provider gains approval from a Health and Safety Manager or the Training Manager for Wellbeing, Safety and Health using the “External Training Provider Approval Form” before the training occurs.

Further information on the health and safety training and competencies is available from the Health and Safety Services website: http://wsh.leeds.ac.uk/info/189/health_and_safety_training/111/health_and_safety_training.


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