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National Saturday Club

Saturday Club Art&Design PostcardFrom Saturday 11 November 2017, the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies has been running the National Art & Design Saturday Club as part of a national network created by the Sorrell Foundation and run by the Saturday Club Trust. The Club gives young people aged 13 to 16 (years 9, 10 and 11) the unique opportunity to study art & design on Saturday mornings at their local college, university or museum, free of charge.

The aim is to nurture the young people’s talent and build their confidence and self-esteem. Last year more than 1,250 young people across the UK took part in a local Saturday Club, giving them an insight into student life and an understanding of new opportunities that further and higher education can offer, as well as helping to improve their school work.

The Club offers young people the opportunity to:

All activities are free of charge. A full list of Club dates for this academic year can be found here.

Saturday Club members are also given the opportunity to attend an inspirational Masterclass with one leading figure from UK industry, and to exhibit their work in their own Summer Show at Somerset House, London.

The Club is suitable for young people of all abilities with an interest in art & design. Participation in the Club is free of charge ― this includes travel for any trips undertaken during the club.

The Club is now fully booked for this year with a waiting list. If you would like your name to be added to this list (or would like more details), please email the Saturday Art Club Officer, Sarah Harvey Richardson: S.H.Richardson@leeds.ac.uk

The National Art & Design Saturday Club flyer can be downloaded here.

Find out more about the Saturday Club’s weekly activities from the blog below, written by Sarah Harvey Richardson:

  • 19.05.18 – Stop Motion Animation

    National Saturday Club 19 May 2018 Leeds_1

    This week we had a brilliant morning experimenting with stop motion animation. Using collaged images taken from magazines and newspapers the club created short animated stories – with very surreal results! Big thank you to Ailsa Watson (4th Year BA Fine Art student) for leading the session, as part of the Education Outreach work of the Squeeze Degree Show.

  • 12.05.18 – Sculpture at Leeds Art Gallery

    National Saturday Club_Leeds 120518

    We had a brilliant morning at Leeds Art Gallery exploring their sculpture collections. Amanda from the Gallery’s Learning Team helped us to think critically about sculpture and materiality, and we worked through our ideas by creating our own sculptures from corrugated cardboard, string and masking tape.

  • 28.04.18 – Arts Council Collection at YSP

    National Saturday Club 24 April 2018, Leeds_1

    Such a great day at Longside Gallery, YSP, exploring the Arts Council Collection exhibition In My Shoes. The brilliant staff at ACC and YSP worked with us to create – and curate – our own Club selfies in response. We also took the opportunity to explore the fabulous grounds and outdoor sculpture of YSP – and thankfully it stayed dry for our outdoor sculpture and selfie trail!


  • 21.04.18 – Squeeze!

    National Saturday Club 21 May 2018, Leeds_3

    A brilliant opportunity to meet and work with current final year Fine Art students, who introduced us to the theme of their degree show – Squeeze and worked with us to create collaborative designs for screen prints that will be included in the show – we cant wait to see the final results in June!

  • 24.03.18 – Plaster Casting

    National Saturday Club 23 March 2018, Leeds_1

    A great session led by the brilliant School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies technician Jubal – we tried different ways of working with clay, and also creating plaster casts using latex moulds – with some interesting results!!

  • 17.03.18 – Anthony McCall at The Hepworth Wakefield

    National Saturday Club 17 March 2018, Leeds_3

    We explored the breath-taking and immersive light sculptures of Anthony McCall, working with Creative Practitioner Vinnie to creatively respond to the work, and to produce our own sculptures inspired by McCall’s work.

  • 10.03.18 – Mod-Roc Maquettes

    National Saturday Club 10 March 2018, Leeds_1

    A very messy session this week! Inspired by sculptor Austin Wright (who we had seen the week before in The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery) and Barbara Hepworth (who we will see next week during our trip to The Hepworth Wakefield). We used wire, cardboard, wire mesh and plaster to experiment with materials and sculptural forms.

  • 24.02.18 – Austin Wright, The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery

    National Saturday Club 24 February 2018, Leeds_1

    We thoroughly enjoyed visiting The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery again, this time to see the fantastic Austin Wright exhibition, a really brilliant show (with a great introduction from Laura Wilson, Learning and Engagement Assistant Manager) and a great opportunity to play with foil, paper and tape to cerate our own sculptural responses.

  • 10.02.18 – Masterclass at YSP & Arts Council Collection

    National Saturday Club 10 February 2018_2

    We had a brilliant day of discussion, making and protesting, starting with an exportation of the fantastic Revolt & Revolutions exhibition, and then working with artist Andrew Walker to create personal responses to the art we had encountered. This included generating political manifestos and slogans using textiles and clothing.

    After a visit to Alfredo Jaar: The Garden of Good and Evil, we then convened with two other National Art and Design Saturday Clubs to see each others work, and to stage or own protest march (with the placards we had made with Nat in January). Winding our way through the outdoor sculptures back to the visitors centre, we certainly drew the attention of other visitors in the park!

  • 03.02.18 ― Experimental Mark Making

    National Saturday Club_Leeds_03

    This week we got messy creating our own mark making tools celebrating art as process not product. All kinds of weird and wonderful objects were utilised to make a mark – sticks, feathers, sponges, tape, leaves, beetroot… to explore the process of mark making both individually and collaboratively. Club members also had a go at making their own pasta in the brilliant Implements for Distraction by Francesca Anfossi, on show in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies’ Project Space.

  • 27.01.18 ― Cut-ups and Portrait Collages

    National Saturday Club_Leeds 27.01.18

    The session started by considering the artistic potential of printed media and creating our own radical poetry from newspapers and magazines, inspired by Tristan Zara’s method to make a Dadaist Poem. Then, drawing on the work of Lubaina Himid, Nat Raha and Hannah Höch, we explored different ways of working with image and text to disrupt and rework representations in print media.

  • 20.01.18 ― Arts Council Collection

    National Saturday Club_Leeds 20.01.18_2

    We were delighted to be joined by Nat Walton from the Arts Council Collection this week.

    Nat told us all about the Art Council Collection as well as getting us thinking about our own collections – what ever they may be. The Club shared their own examples which included key rings, pin badges, china dolls, books and many more!

    We were also introduced to the Revolt and Revolutions exhibition we will be visiting on the 10th February for our Masterclass at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Nat really got us into the revolutionary spirit, and the Club created protest banners to hold their own demonstration outside the Fine Art building.

  • 13.01.18 ― Experimental Printmaking

    Work by students at National Saturday Club University of Leeds 13 Jan 2018

    This week the Club experimented with different forms of printmaking, using tools to carve designs into print boards as well as building up collographic prints – with fantastic results!

  • 06.01.18 ― Revolts and Revolutions 2018!

    slider - Saturday Club Leeds _ January 2018 3

    We began 2018 with a brilliant session to kick off our new Revolts and Revolutions theme – exploring some of the amazing objects from the University’s Special Collections in the wonderful Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery.

    Professor Abigail Harrison Moore (Head of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies and Professor of Art History and Museum Studies) delivered a fascinating workshop on the industrial revolution and the role of artists (and art critics) such as Augustus Pugin, John Ruskin and William Morris in revolutionary times, using original primary sources from the University’s Special Collections.

    Abigail asked us to think about words, ideas and designs influenced by these artists, and ideas of revolution more broadly, that we can then develop into prints during next weekend’s Club.

    Over the coming weeks we will be exploring the theme of Revolts and Revolutions culminating in a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) on Saturday 10 February, for a Masterclass working with YSP staff to respond to their Revolt & Revolutions exhibition.

  • 02.12.17 ― The Chilean Mural

    Chilean Mural uncovered in Leeds University Union Photo by Emily Merriott

    Led by MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies students Abigail King and Helena Perkis, this week’s Club responded to the Chilean Mural that had been uncovered in Leeds University Union.

    The workshop started by visiting the Mural to discuss how it was rediscovered and what it represents. We looked at the colours, design, space, shapes, lines and discussed how the mural was made and reflect upon these elements.

    Heading back to the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, the Club then designed their own murals in groups and painted them on large sheets of paper. Once completed the murals were taken outside so the groups could discuss what they wanted to represent with their murals. Themes included animal welfare, food, music, reading, travel, equality, politics, identity and many more.

  • 25.11.2017 ― Design for Manufacture

    This week saw the Club head to the Faculty of Engineering for a Product Design session led by Dr Kerry Baker and Engineering Student Ambassadors.

    Highlighting the importance of creativity in the manufacturing process, Club members worked in teams to build complex structures and consider the reason behind their design and choice of materials.

    This culminated in a timed competition to see which team could produce 7 correctly constructed structures in the fastest time. Kerry then took the Club on a tour of the amazing facilities across the Faculty of Engineering.

  • 18.11.17 ― Abstract collages

    Saturday Club University of Leeds_18 Nov_5

    Developing the ideas that the club encountered last week abstraction / shape / colour / form / texture ― Club members created abstract collages inspired by paintings they had seen in The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery.

    We had a fantastic introduction to the Gallery and its collections by Joanne Williams (Gallery Events & Marketing Assistant), and Club members sketched the artworks in the Gallery in preparation for making their own work back in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

    The collages were created by building up a collection of different coloured and textured papers, which could then be used as the raw materials for their collages.

  • 11.11.17 ― The first Saturday Club!

    Saturday Club University of Leeds 11 Nov_5

    We were very excited to welcome the Club members to the very first National Art & Design Saturday Club here at the University of Leeds on 11 November.

    Based in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, the session started with a brilliant activity led by Dr Kerry Baker (Education Liaison Officer, Engineering) and her Engineering Student Ambassadors.

    Club members worked together in teams to reproduce a structure that only a few of each team could see – far from a straightforward task the teams competed to see whose structure was the closest match for the original! Once the winners had been announced, the Club then produced a collaborative paper collage inspired by artists Terry Frost and Henri Matisse.

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