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Abigail Harrison-Moore

Head of School | Senior Lecturer

19th-c.British and French decorative arts and architecture; Egyptian revival in Britain and France; 18th-c. furniture design.

/ 0113 34 35281

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Chris Taylor

Deputy Head of School | School Exams Officer | Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

/ 0113 343 5198
Old Mining Building, Room 1.10
Office hours: Wednesday 9-10am by appointment

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Joanne Crawford

Director of Student Education | Lecturer in History of Art

French and American abstract art of the 1950s (specifically Rothko, Michaux and Wols), exploring how notions of death, as philosophical concept embedded within structures of aesthetics, informed production and subsequent 'readings' of abstract art.

/ 0113 34 31824

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Griselda Pollock

Director of Research I Professor of the Social & Critical Histories of Art

Feminist, social, queer and postcolonial interventions in the histories of art, trauma and cultural memory, representation of and after the Holocaust, 19th-c. to contemporary visual arts and film,  critical studies in contemporary art and curation (Documenta), Gender, Class and Visual Culture in the 1950s (Marilyn Monroe), Issues of Violence and Non-Violence in art and culture.

/ 0113 34 35267
Old Mining Building 2.02
Office hours: Tuesday 9.00 am-11.00pm

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Claudia Sternberg

UG Admissions Tutor | Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies

Migrant and diasporic culture(s) in Europe and beyond; World War One and cultural memory; film, literature and popular culture.

/ 0113 34 35091
Old Mining Building, Room 2.13
Office hours: Thursdays, 11-12.00 during term time, and by appointment

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Robert Smith

School Resources and Facilities Manager

/ 0113 34 31040
Old Mining Building, Room 1.03

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