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Abigail Harrison Moore

Head of School | Professor of Art History and Museum Studies

0113 343 5281

Room 111, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

Office hours: Contact Helen Gill for appointments (h.r.gill@leeds.ac.uk)

MA, St Andrews, AGMSDip, Manchester, PhD, Soton

Professor Abigail Harrison Moore is the Head of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. She teaches on all aspects of museum, gallery and heritage studies and her research explores the significance of the Arts and Crafts Movement, furniture history and the art market. Her most recent publications include the book ‘Fraud, Fakery and False Business; Re-thinking the Shrager v. Dighton ‘Old Furniture Case”, (London and New York: Continuum, 2011). She works with schools across the UK and internationally, has worked with groups from year 3 to year 13, and has led the University’s Extended Project Qualification activity to support the development of research skills.


Abigail is the Head of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies and a founding member of the Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage. She is also Deputy Director of the Centre for Collaborative Heritage Research.

She has worked with a wide range of museums, galleries and heritage organisations and maintains active links with many partner organisations through alumni, teaching and research projects, student placements and dissertations. Abigail’s current research focuses on the decorative arts, specifically the Arts and Crafts Movement, and furniture history and the art market in the inter-war years. Her most recent monograph is Fraud, Fakery and False Business; Re-thinking the Shrager v. Dighton ‘Old Furniture Case’, (Continuum, 2011). She is a director of the Registrar’s Project, which brings together Leeds Museums and Galleries, the University and the Royal Armouries to train future registrars and has led the University’s project to develop resources for the Extended Project Qualification, which brings together schools and collections. She is actively engaged in working with young people in museums, galleries and schools to encourage them to think about studying art history and museum studies and to support them in their transition to university. Abigail works closely with ARTiculations, a project to encourage 16-18 year olds to undertake art historical research and communicate about their passion for art. She launched Discover ARTiculations at the University of Leeds, a version of this popular national and international competition, for years 10 and 11 in 2016. She is also a judge for SPOKE, a film making competition for young art historians. Abigail works closely with the Art Historians Association on their outreach programmes and has advised exam boards on the development of art and design and art history qualifications.

Research Interests

  • Furniture History
  • The Art Market in the inter-war years
  • Heritage, Museums and Galleries
  • Nineteenth Century Decorative Arts
  • Webb, Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement
  • The use of museum collections in schools and the EPQ
  • The use of museum collections in prisons


Abigail’s research students are completing/have completed theses on collecting Wedgwood in America; hidden art; museums in Qatar; museums and education in Taiwan; art and design education in the nineteenth century; the display of taxidermy collections; taking museum objects into prisons; decorative ceiling plasterwork; the ethics of curating; Bardini’s collections; audience development at the Hepworth; the use of contemporary art to interpret heritage collections and audiences for contemporary art at Harewood. the Imperial War Museum North and the Bronte Parsonage.

I am co-organising, with Dr Mark Westgarth, the annual conference of the Museums and Galleries History Group, on Museums and the Market, at Leeds Museum in September 2010.


Abigail has led modules on ‘Country House and Museum Collections’ at level 1; ‘The Museum’ at level 2 and ‘Interpreting Cultures’ on the masters programme. She also teaches on ‘A Story of Art?’ at level 1 and supervises a wide range of BA and MA dissertations. She co-developed the BA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, the MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies and the MA in Arts Management and Heritage Studies.


Head of School



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  • Rowe D, Harrison Moore A (2006) Architecture and Design in Europe and America 1750-2000. Blackwell Publishers.

Journal articles

  • Harrison Moore A (2018) “Designing Energy Use in a Rural Setting: A Case Study of Philip Webb at Standen”, History of Retailing and Consumption Harrison Moore A; Sandwell RW (eds.). 4.1: 28-42.
    DOI: 10.1080/2373518X.2018.1436221, Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/130122/

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  • Gooday G, Harrison Moore A (2013) “Decorative Electricity: Standen and the Aesthetics of New Lighting Technologies in the Nineteenth Century Home.”, Nineteenth-Century Contexts: an interdisciplinary journal. 35.4: 363-383.
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Conference papers

  • Harrison Moore A (2004) Object, Value, Meaning: Constructing Identities of Meaning in the Country House Museum. Proceedings: Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, 2004 Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, 2004.

  • Harrison Moore A (2003) Articulating Value: Object, Museum, Market. Proceedings: Association of Art Historians Anual Conference, Birkbeck and University College London Association of Art Historians Anual Conference, Birkbeck and University College London.

  • Harrison Moore A (2003) Ruling Taste; Domestic Design and Social Position. Proceedings: College Art Association Annual Conference, New York City College Art Association Annual Conference, New York City.

  • Harrison Moore A (2000) Mythologising Furniture: Furniture History and Cultural studies; A Problematic Dialectic. Proceedings: Cultural studies and Interdisciplinarity, Difference, Otherness, Dialogue, Translation, Trinity and All Saints, Leeds Cultural studies and Interdisciplinarity, Difference, Otherness, Dialogue, Translation, Trinity and All Saints, Leeds.

  • Harrison Moore A (1999) Vivant Denon and the Transference of Images of Egypt. Proceedings: Association of Art Historians Annual Conference Association of Art Historians Annual Conference.


  • Harrison-Moore AL (2004) Out of Africa: Aspects of Egypt in the West.

  • Harrison-Moore AL, McQuillan MG (2004) Architecture of Philosophy/Philosophy of Architecture.

Research Projects & Grants

May 2015                                AHRC Follow On Funding for Impact and Innovation Electrifying the Country House: Taking Stories of Innovation to New Audiences (£99,999.47) (CI, 50%)

May 2014                                IGNITE funding for development of a national network on the impact of the EPQ on audiences for museum and gallery collections (2k)

March 2014                             Small Grant for network meetings to develop an AHRC Follow On application on electricity in country houses (£500)

Sep2013                                  AHRC Experiencing the Digital World: The Cultural Value of Digital Engagement with Heritage (£29,990) (CI, 20%)

Sep 2011                                 HEIF V funding for development of international CPD programmes (5k)

Sep 2010                                 HEIF IV funding from project with Leeds Museums and Galleries (£12k)

Sep 2010                                 AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award (with Leeds Museums and Galleries) (£50k)

Sep 2009                                 AHRC Research Leave (£33,490k) (PI, 100%)

Sep 2008                                 Faculty Research Leave (£26k) (100%)

Jan 2007                                 HEIF III funding for project with Royal Armouries Museum (3k)

Research Centres & Groups

Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage

Centre for Collaborative Heritage Research

External Appointments

Jan 2016-2019                        Brighton University, Chief Examiner, BA Art History programmes

June 2013-2017                      Bristol University, BA Art History

Jan 2009-2013                        Roehampton University, London, BA Art History

Queen Mary College, University of London, International Foundation Year

Manchester University, MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies

Member of Expert Panels for redesign of A Levels in Art and Design (AQA), History of Art (AQA) and EPQ (AQA/OCR), plus member of EPQ Forum (OCR)

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I am happy to supervise PhDs on the following topics:

Museum and gallery studies, including the historic development of collections, the architecture and design of museums, and interpretative practices; the heritage industry and the country house; architecture and design in the nineteenth century, particularly the Arts and Crafts movement; furniture history.

I have supervised/am supervising:

Kenyon Holder: ‘The Birmingham Collection of Wedgwood’.

Mariam A Mulla: ‘The History and Heritage of Museums in Qatar’.

Rachel Forster: ‘Questions of value: Taking museum collections into a high security prison’.

Nick Cass: ‘Contemporary Art and Heritage: Interventions at the Bronte Parsonage Museum’.

Bing Wang: ‘Hakka identity in museums in China’

Joanne Williams: ‘Contemporary art in heritage spaces: How can we know ‘engagement’?

Sarah Harvey Richardson: ‘Understanding and developing audiences at the Hepworth Wakefield’.

Ralph Harrington: ‘The decorative plasterwork at Fairfax House, York’.

Yi-Shan Lu: ‘A comprehensive analysis of the use of digital technology for museum collections in Taiwan and England’.

Ebony Andrews: ‘Transforming Nature: Changes in the Presentation and Display of Taxidermy in Contemporary British Museums’.

Sybil Fisher: ‘Curating as a feminist strategy: Three contemporary case studies’.

Anna Powell: ‘Chance Encounters: The Relationship between artwork, curatorial practice and audience’.

Anna-Lea Tunesi: ‘Museology; The art dealer Stefano Bardini Italy (1836-1922)’.

Rebecca Wade: ‘Pedagogic Objects: the formation, circulation and exhibition of teaching collections in British art education, 1837-1857’.

Arwa D. Khomayyis: ‘Historic textile collections and their interpretation’.

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