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Barbara Engh

Senior Lecturer

0113 34 35195

Fine Art Building, Room 3.17

MA, PhD, Minnesota

Critical theory, deconstruction, music and continental philosophy, theories of the voice.

Research Interests

Barbara Engh works on critical theories of music, the voice, and noise; critical theories of technology, recording and the archive; music and philosophy.


Frankfurt School critical theory, poststructuralist theory, the voice in cultural theory, cultural history and cultural studies.


Journal articles

  • Engh B (1999) “After 'His Master's Voice'”, New Formations. 38: 54-63.

  • Engh B (1996) “Parallax(Editorship)”, Parallax.


  • Engh B (1999) “Of Music and Mimesis”, In: O'Neill M (eds.) Adorno, Culture and Feminism. Sage Press, London. 161-173

  • Engh B (1994) “Adorno and the Sirens: Telephono-graphic Bodies”, In: Dunn L; Jones N (eds.) Embodied Voices: Female Vocality in Western Culture. Cambridge University Press. 120-135

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I am willing to supervise PhDs on the following topics:

Critical theory, poststructuralist theory, critical musicology.

Current PGRs

Aaron Levy: ‘The protection papers: borders and boundaries’: submission date 2010. Co-supervised with Eric Prenowitz

Peter Kilroy: ‘Reading the writing machine: inscription, loss and the ethnographic imagination of A.C. Haddon’: submission date 2011

Emily Morris: ‘The relationship between the inhuman and the human as situated in language’: submission date 2011. Co-supervised with Eric Prenowitz

David Ronalds: ‘Showing hands: the legibility of the collective and the dream of the manifesto’: submission date 2013. Co-supervised with Eric Prenowitz

Agniezska Janowska: ‘Sustained discharges: the significance of bodily fluids in modern western culture’: submission date 2013. Co-supervised with Eric Prenowitz

Tina Richardson: ‘A post-historical schizo-cartography of the University of Leeds’: submission date 2013. Co-supervised with Claudia Sternberg

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