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Catherine Karkov

Chair of Art History

0113 34 35276

G10 Fine Art Building

Office hours: by appointment

BA, University of Minnesota, MA, PhD, Cornell University

The art of early medieval Britain, especially materialities, environmental studies, and decolonisation; gender and the body in late antique and early medieval culture; history and theory of the book; theories of text and image.

Research Interests

My research centres on early medieval art, especially the art of early medieval England, with a particular focus on questions of voice, gender, identity, and their relationship to the formation of nations, nationalism and the decolonisation of our fields. My most recent work is concerned with materials and materiality–of stone, of landscape and of text–and with theories and histories of the book. I am also interested in questions of the display, interpretation and preservation of tangible and intangible heritage and the impact these have on the formation of cultures and disciplines.


My teaching focuses on the art of early medieval Britain, on materiality, gender, and issues of voice, identity and decolonisation at both UG and MA levels. I am currently teaching the following modules:

ARTF1045: Story of Art 1

ARTF: 31010/5073M: Origins of Postcolonial England

ARTF 2060: Ecologies of Medieval Art

ARTF3100/5071M: Encountering Things: Art and Entanglement in Anglo-Saxon England



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Journal articles

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Research Projects & Grants

Postcolonising the Medieval Image: http://www.post-col-med.leeds.ac.uk/wordpress/?page_id=2

The Visionary Cross: http://visionarycross.org/

Research Centres & Groups

Institute for Medieval Studies

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

Lara Eggleton: ‘Re-envisioning the Alhambra: readings of space and form in the palace of the other’, awarded 2011 (with Will Rea)

Sotaria Kordi
: ‘The Parekklesion of the Chora Monastery’, awarded 2014 (with Ashley Thompson)

Joanna Wolfarth: The open eye at the nexus of politics and aesthetics in Cambodia’ (with Ashley Thompson), awarded 2014

Robert Halstead: ‘The Anglo-Scandinavian Coinage and Sculpture of Yorkshire, c 867 – c 1170’ (with Ian Wood), awarded 2016

Liz Stainforth: ‘Locating Tomorrow’s Memory: A Critical Study of the Digitisation Agenda for Cultural Heritage in Europe’ (with Helen Graham)

Catalin Taranu: ‘Constructing Anglo-Saxon Legendary History’ (with Alaric Hall), awarded 2016

Sami Kalliosaari: ‘King and Emperor: The Development of the Ideology of Sacred Imperial Kingship in England and Ottonian Germany from the 9th to 11th Centuries (Institute for Medieval Studies, with Ian Wood)

Gesner Las Casas Brito Filho: ‘The Relationship between the Earthly World, Heaven and Hell in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Junius 11’ (with Alaric Hall)

Annika Christensen: ‘Voice and Resistance: Oral Culture in the Faroe Islands’ (with Claudia Sternberg)

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