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Claudia Sternberg

Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies

0113 34 35091

Room 3.20, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Office hours: Thursdays, 11-12.00 during term time, and by appointment

MA, Fullerton; MA, PhD, Cologne

Migrant and diasporic culture(s) in Europe and beyond; World War One and cultural memory; film, literature and popular culture.

Research Interests

My background is in literary, film and television studies with an emphasis on British and American cultural production in general and multicultural Britain in particular. I mainly work on film and television and address questions of cultural and individual memory, predominantly in the context of (Jewish, Black and Asian) migratory and diasporic experiences.

A special focus has been on the intersections of different migrations and diasporas; a comparative and transnational perspective underpinned the work of the international AHRC-funded research network Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe, which I co-coordinated from 2006-2008.

A further research area is the memory culture of the First World War as well as the relationship between war, media and cultural memory in more general terms. Currently I am working with colleagues in Leeds on the Legacies of War Centenary project. We collaborate with people and organisations in Leeds, the UK and internationally to explore the legacy of the First World War through research, creative practice and knowledge exchange.

As a continental European and native German who relocated to the UK in 2004, I also maintain an interest in German language and culture, the constructions of contemporary ‘Germanness’ and ‘Britishness’ across Europe and the trajectories of continental Jews who settled in Britain throughout the centuries.

I am still interested in – although currently not actively researching – the screenplay genre and the practice of writing for the screen.


My research interests and activities inform my teaching practice. I teach and co-teach undergraduate and postgraduate modules on cinema and culture, migrant and diasporic film and postcolonialism.

Questions of cultural memory and the representation of history feature in my co-taught cultural history module which is available to students in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies and to others under the discovery themes.

My interest in various aspects of everyday life is reflected in a module on popular culture, in which my students explore their own cultural practices after having been introduced to methods of (auto)ethnographic research. In addition to assessing students on the basis of essays and exams, I encourage them to experiment with writing in different genres, digital storytelling, team projects, fieldwork, co-authoring and editing.

During the First World War centenary years I also run the project-based module Beyond the Trench in which students collaborate with partners in the University and beyond.

I believe that research and teaching environments benefit greatly from cultural diversity and internationalisation. I am dedicated to ensuring participation of individuals from many ethnic, national, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. I contribute to widening participation and study abroad initiatives.


2013-2015 Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

2008-2011 Director of Learning and Teaching

2005-2008 Programme Director BA Cultural Studies



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Conference papers

  • Sternberg C, Korte B, ‘A Cinematics of Culture: Screening the First World War’, in Anglistentag 2002 Würzburg: Proceedings, ed. by Mengel E, Schmid H-J and Steppat M (Trier: WVT, 2003), 283-293 Anglistentag 2002, Würzburg

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PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I am willing to supervise PhDs on the following topics:

  • (Popular) representations of the First World War
  • War, media and cultural memory
  • Postcoloniality, migration and diaspora in film and television
  • Multiculturalism and cultural diversity in Europe
  • Black, Asian and Jewish British culture

I am interested in establishing links with institutions that consider a collaborative PhD in any of the above areas. I can also serve as a contact for German-language universities and institutions as well as prospective candidates who wish to enquire about PhD collaborations or individual supervision in the School.

Postgraduate Research Students

Tina Richardson: ‘The Unseen University: A Schizocartography of the Redbrick University Campus’, start date 2009 (completed 2014)

Ella Spencer-Mills: Black British Women Artists

Stefano Calzati: Transmedial Travel Writing

Annika Christensen: Faroese Language and Culture

Marlo de Lara: Filipino-American Culture

David Steans: Intermedia Art, Horror Cinema and Documentary Realism (practice-based)

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