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Eva Frojmovic


+44 (0)113 34 35197

Room 3.12

MA Munich, PhD Munich

Intersection between Jewish studies, art history, medieval studies, and postcolonial and feminist theories.


I studied in Freiburg (Zwischenprufung 1983), Jerusalem (exchange schholarship 1983/4) and Munich (MA 1988). After a term’s internship at the National Gallery of Art in Washington (1988) I returned to do a Ph.D. in Munich, and spent 1990-2 researching in Rome (Bibliotheca Hertziana and Vatican Library). After gaining a Ph.D. on the cultural and visual worlds of Francesco da Barberino, I became Frances Yates Scholar at the Warburg Institute (1993-5). I have taught at the University of Leeds since 1995, helping to set up a Centre for Jewish Studies, being part of the Institute for Medieval Studies, and teaching Medieval and Renaissance art.

Research Interests

My interests relate principally to questioning and widening the western canon. I research medieval manuscript illumination, Jewish art, and cross-cultural encounters.

I also have an interest in Jewish museums as touchstones of cultural diversity in museology.

I continue my earlier interest in Italian art of the age of Giotto and Dante.

I have been groping my way towards various non-iconographic approaches to the study of medieval art; at present, I am exploring the uses of postcolonial theories (supported by an AHRC research network grant, “Postcolonising the Medieval Image”, 2009-11).


At present, I teach courses on the basics of medieval art – I am particularly interested in the relationships between cult images (icons, reliquaries…) and visual narrative. I teach various postcolonial approaches to medieval art, as part of a course called Imagining Others. I teach some more of it in final year and MA courses (Sins, Sinisters and Sciapods: The Margins of Medieval Art). I have recently started teaching Islamic art, especially with a view on the various meeting points between “East” and “West” (Levant, Sicily/Maghreb, Andalusia). I also teach a course on the darker side of the Renaissance, in which we explore the formation of ghettoes as an integral part of Renaissance urbanism.


I have been director of the BA History of Art (2010-2013).



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Journal articles

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  • Frojmovic E Hebraica and Judaica from the Cecil Roth Collection.

External Appointments

External Examinar, Manchester University

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I would be happy to supervise PhDs on any the following topics: Jewish art, illuminated manuscripts, Medievalism and global renaissance, Postcolonial approaches to medieval art

Current PGRs

Shir Kochavi: Heirless Cultural Property: Jewish Cultural Property and Heritage Policy in Post World War II

PhD Thesis

Francesco da Barberino: text and image in the time of Dante and Giotto





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