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Sam Belinfante

Academic Fellow in Fine Art and Curatorial Practice

/ 0113 343 1823
Fine Art Building, Room 2.04
Office hours: By appointment

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Richard Bell


Questions relating to the fragile nature of the 'domestic'; exploring the relationships of self and constituent participants within the domestic situation and how 'roles' are defined and engaged.

/ 0113 34 35261

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Kerry Bristol

Senior Lecturer

Architecture, 18th-c., Grand Tour and Greek Revival.

/ 0113 34 35280

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Nick Cass

Lecturer in Heritage and Contemporary Art, UG Admissions Tutor

Nick's primary interest lies at the conjunction of museums, heritage and contemporary art practice; this stems from his interdisciplinary background as an artist and museum education officer.

/ 0113 343 7633
Room 3.02, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
Office hours: Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30

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Richard Checketts

Lecturer in Renaissance Art and Culture | Programme Director, MA History of Art | Exams Officer

Materials and material transformation; materialist thought.

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Joanne Crawford

Director of Student Education | Lecturer in History of Art

French and American abstract art of the 1950s (specifically Rothko, Michaux and Wols), exploring how notions of death, as philosophical concept embedded within structures of aesthetics, informed production and subsequent 'readings' of abstract art.

/ 0113 34 31824

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Gail Day

Senior Lecturer

Theories, methodologies and historiographies of modern and contemporary art, photography and architecture. Marxism, Critical Theory and emancipatory thought.

/ 0113 34 35263
Office hours: By appointment

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Barbara Engh

Senior Lecturer

Critical theory, deconstruction, music and continental philosophy, theories of the voice.

/ 0113 34 35195

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Eva Frojmovic

Eva Frojmovic


Intersection between Jewish studies, art history, medieval studies, and postcolonial and feminist theories.

/ +44 (0)113 34 35197

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Maki Fukuoka


Maki's teaching and research centres on thinking beyond the binary dichotomy through photographic history, exhibition and collecting practices in and about Asia.

/ 0113 343 9171
Fine Art Building 3.14
Office hours: by appointment

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Helen Graham

Associate Professor

Helen's current research explores questions of democracy and publicness through the technical, practical and ethical sites of co-production of knowledge and exhibits, of intellectual access to museums for people with learning difficulties and of copyright and informed consent. https://leeds.academia.edu/HGraham

/ 0113 3431224
Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies Building, Room 319
Office hours: Flexible, by email

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Abigail Harrison Moore

Head of School | Professor of Art History and Museum Studies

Professor Abigail Harrison Moore is the Head of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. She teaches on all aspects of museum, gallery and heritage studies and her research explores the significance of the Arts and Crafts Movement, furniture history and the art market. Her most recent publications include the book 'Fraud, Fakery and False Business; Re-thinking the Shrager v. Dighton 'Old Furniture Case'', (London and New York: Continuum, 2011). She works with schools across the UK and internationally, has worked with groups from year 3 to year 13, and has led the University's Extended Project Qualification activity to support the development of research skills.

/ 0113 343 5281
Room 111, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.
Office hours: Contact Helen Gill for appointments (h.r.gill@leeds.ac.uk)

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Mingyuan Hu


Chinese art and intellectual history; translation; historiography of art history.

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David Jackson

Professor of Russian & Scandinavian Art Histories

David's primary research interests reside in the socio-political interventions of realist and naturalist art in the formation of national identities in the Russian and Nordic nations, with specific expertise in exhibition curatorship and wider public dissemination of research in the museum/gallery domain.

/ 0113 34 35196
Fine Art Building, Room 301
Office hours: By appointment

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Catherine Karkov

Professor of Art History

Anglo-Saxon art, especially materialities and postcolonialities; gender and the body in late antique and early medieval culture; history and theory of the book; theories of text and image.

/ 0113 34 35276
G10 Fine Art Building
Office hours: by appointment

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Robert Knifton

University Academic Fellow in Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage

Robert's research focuses on the sensory environment of museums; digital collecting, popular culture, museums and archiving; defining heritage within shifting cultural ecologies; and the history and heritage of art education.

/ 0113 343 4257
School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, Room 1.13
Office hours: By Appointment

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Simon Lewandowski

Lecturer in Fine Art Practice & Study Abroad Coordinator.

An artist who teaches.

/ 113 34 35264
Old Mining Building 1.10
Office hours: Tuesday 4.00pm - 6.00pm or by arrangement

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Valerie Mainz

Senior Lecturer

18th Century French art and the French Revolution; history and its images.

/ 0113 34 35264

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Diane Morgan


European enlightenment, particularly German culture, and modernism; 'cosmopolitics' (transnational identities, international law).

Office hours: Old Mining Building office 107

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John Mowitt

Chair in Critical Humanities

Western Philosophy, the history of Critical Theory (French, German and Italian), Comparative Literature, Critical Media Studies (emphasis on Cinema and Sound).

/ 0113 343 5269
Old Mining Room 208A
Office hours: By appointment

Griselda Pollock

Director of Research I Professor of the Social & Critical Histories of Art

Feminist, social, queer and postcolonial interventions in the histories of art, trauma and cultural memory, representation of and after the Holocaust, 19th-c. to contemporary visual arts and film,  critical studies in contemporary art and curation (Documenta), Gender, Class and Visual Culture in the 1950s (Marilyn Monroe), Issues of Violence and Non-Violence in art and culture.

/ 0113 34 35267
Old Mining Building 2.02
Office hours: Tuesday 9.00 am-11.00pm

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Eric Prenowitz


Deconstruction, psychoanalysis, sexual difference, poetics, 20th-c. comparative literature, theory and practice of translation.

/ 0113 34 35195

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William Rea

Senior Lecturer

African art, anthropology and art history, sculpture theory, material culture.

/ 0113 34 32395
Old Mining Building 2.11

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Emma Rushton

Lecturer in Fine Art

Collaborative multi-part projects that focus on particular locations, historical and fictional events to examine notions of public/civic space and place and ideas of belonging, resistance and protest.

/ 0113 34 35264
Old Mining Building, Room GO.3B

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Claudia Sternberg

Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies

Migrant and diasporic culture(s) in Europe and beyond; World War One and cultural memory; film, literature and popular culture.

/ 0113 34 35091
Room 3.20, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
Office hours: Thursdays, 11-12.00 during term time, and by appointment

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Marcel Swiboda

Lecturer in Cultural Studies

My main interests are focused in the areas of philosophy, music, technology and media, with the main emphasis on the ways in which improvisation-based musical practices and their associated idioms can serve as vehicles for rethinking the role that might be played by critical thought in contemporary culture and society.

/ 0113 34 35089
Old Mining Buildikng, Room 109
Office hours: N/A

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Chris Taylor

Deputy Head of School | Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Chris Taylor is a practising artist, curator and publisher with specialist knowledge in the field of contemporary printmaking, artists' books and curation. He is particularly interested in the role of artists' books as primary medium within contemporary art practice and the relevance of the page and the book format as a vehicle for visual communication and audience development.

/ 0113 343 5198
University Road, Room 2.05
Office hours: By appointment

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Nick Thurston


I teach UG and PG. My research focuses on the production, distribution and criticism of extra-literary forms of writing in relation to the field of contemporary art and the disciplinary formation of Fine Art. Up-to-date news about recent and current projects can be found here.

/ 0113 343 5264
G.03b Old Mining Building
Office hours: Monday 10-11 *or email for an appointment at another time

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Mark Westgarth

Lecturer, Art History & Museum Studies

History of the art market, history and theory of museums and the histories of collecting, especially in relation to the agency of the art and antique dealer in the 19th century.

/ 0113 343 9430
Fine Art Building room 3.16
Office hours: Semester 1: Thursdays 1.00pm-2.00pm and by appointment.

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Dominic Williams

Montague Burton Fellow in Jewish Studies

Holocaust testimony and memorialisation, especially the Scrolls of Auschwitz and representations of the Auschwitz Sonderkommando; contemporary Jewish poetry; Anglo-American modernism and antisemitism; twentieth-century British Jewish literature and culture

/ 0113 343 1561
Old Mining Building, Room 105a
Office hours: Tuesday 2-3pm

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