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The areas of research were so fascinating, and I really felt the benefit of their expertise, passion and risk-taking as a student.

Anna ConlonExhibitions Assistant, The Royal Academy, now studying at Columbia University, New York


Research philosophy

The School regards Fine Art, History of Art, Cultural Studies, and the study of museums, galleries and heritage as interdisciplinary per se. We are committed to working across the constituent disciplinary specificities while critically examining the methods and historiographies of the disciplines upon which we draw. In structure and ethos, research across the School lies at the nexus of practice and theory and pays careful attention to the synergies and tensions therein. The School has sought to consolidate and strengthen philosophical work in the Critical Humanities, and further historical excellence in the critical and social histories of art, as well as feminism and gender studies. We have developed a distinctive profile in Critical Museum and Heritage Studies and diversified research strengths in postcolonial critique. Research on non-Western contexts as well as globalisation is underpinned across the School by sustained questioning of Eurocentric categories and models.

Research strands

The School has six research strands. Each is informed by a strong theoretical core and a diversity of deep historical knowledge, and is designed to foster creative encounters at the nexus of the School’s four programme divisions in Fine Art, History of Art, Cultural Studies, and Museum and Heritage Studies.

Centres and groups

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