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Legacies of War: Culture and the Arts

Legacies of War at the University of Leeds is a First World War Centenary project for 2014-2018. The project will work with people and organisations in Leeds, the UK and internationally to explore the legacy of the First World War.

Led by Dr Claudia Sternberg, Culture and the Arts constitutes one of five strands of the University of Leeds Legacies of War hub. It aims to organise a number of events and activities that draw attention to the cultural and artistic legacies of the First World War and reach out to the people of Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond with a programme that is academically informed, accessible and entertaining.

It also provides a supportive environment for academic symposia and conferences as well as original research and practice-led explorations of matters relating to the First World War, its historical period and legacies. The strand encourages the engagement of researchers, writers, artists, media practitioners, groups and schools with University archives such as the Liddle Collection and the holdings of the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, and makes use of venues in Leeds on and off campus. The Culture and the Arts project team will work with and across the other Legacies of War strands, i.e. War and Medicine, Science and Technology, War and Resistance, Yorkshire and the Great War.

The objectives of the Culture and the Arts strand are

The strand operates on a local level with involvement of staff and students in the Faculties of Arts and of Performance, Visual Arts and Communication as well as various communities and cultural institutions. To acknowledge the fact that the First World War was an international conflict with global impact, but not the only event and development of significance in the early 20th century, the strand will also attempt to initiate and facilitate face-to-face and/or digital collaborations with stakeholders, archives and/or universities in the twin cities of Leeds:

Claudia Steinberg’s research specifically focuses on the representation of the First World War on film and how the war has been remembered in different countries. As a member of the Legacies of War Centenary project, she also works with individuals, communities and cultural organisations on World War One-related events and activities.

Legacies of War film series

Over 2016/7, Legacies of War will present eleven screenings of lesser known, difficult to access or non-Anglophone films about World War One, produced over the course of the last 100 years. The series, Looking at the First World War Askance, includes feature films and essayistic/documentary work by filmmakers of different backgrounds and persuasions. Some productions reach beyond the events and experiences of 1914-18. Weekly screenings take place on Tuesdays, 6pm, in Room G.04 in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University Road (campus map 38). The full programme for the Legacies of War Film Series can be downloaded here.

For more information about Legacies of War, see the project website.

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