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Faculty and University Research Links

Cultural Institute
The Cultural Institute will be fully launched in October 2016. It aims to foster and strengthen collaborative links in the cultural and creative sector for all academic staff and students. Professor Griselda Pollock leads the Performing Violence theme of the Institute.

Leeds Humanities Research Institute
The Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI) provides support to the exciting research undertaken within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures. It encourages interdisciplinary research links, hosting a broad range of research groups for both academic staff and postgraduate students to connect with. Additionally, the Institute organises the Sadler Seminar Series, in addition to other programmes and events, to share ideas and research findings.

Leeds Social Science Institute
The Leeds Social Science Institute (LSSI) is a large and vibrant research Institute which works to enhance social sciences in all forms at the University of Leeds. It fosters interdisciplinary research collaborations and provides training and funding opportunities for postgraduate researchers.

Centre for African Studies
Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together scholars with an active interest in Africa from across different schools and faculties at the University of Leeds. Dr Will Rea is on the advisory board for the centre.

Institute for Medieval Studies
The Institute for Medieval Studies brings together medievalists from across the University of Leeds and beyond to form a community of scholars working on the societies and cultures of the European and global Middle Ages. Dr Eva Frojmovic and Professor Catherine Karkov teach and research with the institute.

Centre for Practice-led Research
The Centre for Practice-Led Research in the Arts (CePRA) is based in the Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications at the University of Leeds. It brings together scholars from across the arts disciplines whose research employs practice-led methodologies.

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