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Centre for Critical Materialist Studies

Initiated in 2015-16 as Critical researches into capitalism, its cultures, histories…, this series of workshops, seminars and reading groups focuses on exploring the cultures of capitalism.

We aim to bring together historical, historiographical and theoretical perspectives, with an eye not only to the social formation classically known as ‘capitalism’, but also to its prehistories and its possible ‘post-histories’; to questions of value, capital, processes of capital subsumption; the interdependencies of capital and colonialism; the reshaping of spatial and temporal experience; and the revival of marxist-feminism.

The question of ‘materialism’ is addressed directly through our reading and working groups.

We invite those who wishes to join us in this collective endeavour to contact Gail Day: g.a.day@leeds.ac.uk

In 2016-2017 we develop threads from our previous consideration of ‘materialism’; consider questions of Marxism, art and aesthetics; and initiate workshops addressing body of recent scholarship addressing ‘uneven and combined development’. See the School events pages for more information.

Image: Carmela Gross, EXTRAS, 25 enamelled metal signs (each 20cm x 45cm). Image courtesy of the artist. 

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