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Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History (CentreCATH)


The Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History (CentreCATH): a Transdisciplinary Initiative at the University of Leeds was founded during the first round of Research Centres competitively funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (then Board).

Founded to draw into a new collaboration two existing Centres (Cultural Studies and Jewish Studies) and the traditions of critical, social and feminist histories and practices of art developed in Leeds, CentreCATH aims to produce theoretically informed but historically framed analyses of cultural practices that deterritorialize the current boundaries of interdisciplinary studies (cultural, Jewish, postcolonial, queer and gender studies) in the arts (acoustic, visual, cinematic and material culture) by both forging new dialogues (black/Jewish, sound/image, voice/gaze, gender/race) and shaping mutually challenging research projects that realign philosophy, the arts, history, cultural anthropology, psychoanalysis and aesthetics.

Research Salon

A research salon is an open reading group for graduates and staff in which we read a text together, literally word by word out loud so as to study it closely. For autumn 2017, we propose reading together Henri Bergson (1859-1941), Matter and Memory: Essay on the relation of body and spirit (French: Matière et mémoire Essai sur la relation du corps à l’esprit), 1896. See here for further details, including all dates and venue.

Sadler Seminar Series: Thinking in Dark Times

The Legacies of Zygmunt Bauman for the Arts and Humanities. This seminar series is organised by Centre CATH and the Bauman Institute at the University of Leeds. All seminars are from 4 to 6pm at the Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI), Clarendon Place, University of Leeds.

Wednesday 25 October
The Trouble with Being Human These Days: Life and Work of Zygmunt Bauman (Film, 50 mins)

Wednesday 8 November
Modernity, Rationality, Ambivalence

Wednesday 22 November
Postmodernity, Ethics and Mortality

Wednesday 6 December
Modernity and the Holocaust
Speaker: Bryan Cheyette (University of Reading)

Who Are We?

Director: Professor Griselda Pollock
Co-Director: Dr Barbara Engh
Co-Director: Dr Eva Frojmovic

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