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Health and Safety

Welcome to the Health and Safety pages of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. To our staff and students, please browse these pages at your leisure and do not be too overwhelmed by all the information. If there is anything that concerns you and you cannot find it here please contact the School Health and Safety Coordinator.

It is intended to constantly update these pages as and when is necessary, if you feel there is a lack of information on particular issues please contact the School Health and Safety Coordinator

Health and Safety Handbook

The School has its own Health and Safety Handbook. It is important that all staff and students read this document. A copy of the latest version of the School’s Health and Safety Handbook is available from here:

The University of Leeds Health and Safety Policy document can be found at the Health and Safety Services webpage.

School Health and Safety Statement

The School places the highest priority on ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff and students. Our School presents in microcosm many of the risks that can be found across the University. As well as office and lecture theatre-based activities, we have creative work which may involve the use of power tools, or chemical solvents. In other areas we face hazards associated with working at height or moving large and heavy objects, whether pieces of sculpture, equipment or artworks.

While those with management roles do have specific responsibilities for health and safety, we must all, whatever our area of work, do everything we can to make certain that our activities are as safe as they can possibly be. By exercising good sense and remaining continually vigilant we will be able to meet our key objectives of preventing major accidents and injuries, minimising loss of plant and equipment and creating a safe place of work. Please help us to embed a true safety culture in the School.

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